everyone google “snakes in hats” this is very important


god… larry sucks in real life too


where can i find this friendzone i need some friends

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my skirt has bunnies AND pockets

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Tomorrowland Attractions on Flickr.

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this is the best thing I’ve ever seen

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my boyfriend is high and watching soccer and I’m bored


If the idea of skinny shaming weren’t so damn hysterical I would have come up with a better response but like what do I even say other than (1) why are you checking the skinny shaming tag and (2) how are you going to tell a plus size woman that your experiences being bullied for being skinny are at all comparable to walking into a store and not fitting into a single piece of clothing and consistently having almost no representation in magazines or on tv or having every magazine cover have a tip about losing weight or being an actress who was always passed over for lead roles because no one could believe I was a teenage girl in a romance and what about when I walk in to a doctor’s office with a cold and get lectured about how I wouldn’t have a cold if I dieted and exercised? Like tell your stupid made up stories to someone else I don’t care how badly you want to be the underdog here, you’re not. Reap the benefits and leave plus size people alone

no siggy you’re fine + love u too

I’m okay, just very pissed off and waiting for my god damn apology

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